GBRC PLATFORM - Digital Payment system

Electronic Merchandise

In the world of Digital currency, normal banking system is now replaced with easy and faster transaction system, called Cryptocurrency network.
This digital network is becoming more advanced day by day and offering people to adopt the system in exchange of goods and services.

GBRC Payment System

Decentralized system to users where there is no third party for any transaction keeping security, authenticity and reliability of every transactions.
GBR mining system is on various countries and has an excellent block reward system for miners as to gain popularity among rest alt-coins.

Retail Merchandise

  • Algorithm: SCRYPT | Type: POW
  • Coin Name: Global Business Revolution
  • Coin Abbreviation: GBRC
  • Address letter: G
  • RPC Port: 8075 | P2P Port: 8075
  • Block Reward: 200 coins


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GBR Coin is one the leading revolutionary cryptocurrency in the market and is well renowned currency in alt-coins. GBR coins has wide scope of opportunities in the field of electronics as anyone can purchase available electronics products using GBR coins.